Julio Salinas on Griezmann case: What about Atletico and Vit

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Julio Salinas on Griezmann case: What about Atletico and Vit

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Former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid แทงบอลออนไลน์ striker Julio Salinas has entered into the argument over the Griezmann affair and said that it is a bit rich for the Rojiblancos to complain as they acted similarly with Vitolo.The 55-year-old highlighted that both players' contracts include a release clause and there is no wrongdoing in approaching them."It was known since last year when [Griezmann] renewed for Atletico with a clause of 200 million euros that he was leaving," he told MARCA."And what have Atletico done with Vitolo?"They say that in the market you can only speak in January with players whose contracts end in June and you can't talk with those whose finish within three years? That's what the release clauses are for."He is a player of Atletico until June 30 and it's another matter if he leaves or not."Nobody will be surprised if Griezmann goes to Barcelona, as it's the most normal thing in the world."Salinas went on to discuss แทงบอลออนไลน์ Real Madrid and Barcelona's first stretch of the season ahead of Saturday's El Clasico."Real Madrid are doing well at the moment, unlike how they were doing at the beginning of the season," he noted."They have amazing midfielders such as [Luka] Modric, [Toni] Kroos and Isco and Casemiro, who have recovered their form."On the other side Barcelona are unbeaten and they have only lost two games this season against แทงบอลออนไลน์ Real Madrid, who were much better."
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